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What are the age divisions for TBM?

The Tampa Bay Masters is offering 7 age Divisions for 2017. Men’s 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, and 70+.

How is age eligibility determined?
Team division age is determined by youngest player on your roster. 
Players are eligible to play in an age division if they have reached the age of that division in the calendar year of the tournament. For example, if your 50th birthday occurs in any month of 2019, you would be eligible to play in the 50+ Division. Although not recommended, players may also play down in a younger division. 

How do I enter a team?

Go to TampaBayMasters.com, click on the REGISTER tab from the left menu.
All necessary information, including fees and entry deadlines are contained on that page.
Our venues and time schedule can accommodate a total of 45 teams within our 7 age divisions. Divisions are 4, 5, 6 or 8 teams. All team entries are on a first come, first served basis. If your team is the 7th team to register in a division, you will be "ON HOLD" until an 8th team registers or the 6th team defaults. If we cannot enter your team your entry fee will be promptly refunded. The Masters Basketball Association, Inc. reserves the right to refuse any entry and has the final decision on all team entries.

What is the Team Entry Fee?
$625 per team.

What is the Player Fee?
There is a nominal player fee of $10 per player. This will not increase for 3 years (until 2022, if even)

How many games will my team play?
Every team is guaranteed to play a minimum of 3 games. We try to limit one game per day, but you may have two games a day based on division. Our goal is for you to leave Sunday and feel like you played some hoops!

How are teams bracketed and how does my team advance?
Four-Team Division
In a 4-team division, you play each team in the division once in preliminary play. The top 2 teams play for championship (1st and Runner Up), the other two teams play for 3rd and 4th place.

Five-Team Division
In a 5 team Division, Each team plays one of the other teams in the group. The Champion is determined by the Master's tie breaking rules. (see 
How does the Tie Breaker System work for advancing below)

Six-Team Division
In a six-team division, we may do it 1 of 3 ways depending on different factors.

Way 1 - There will be 2 pools of 3. Teams will play each team in their pool. The top 4 teams in each pool will be put in FINAL FOUR bracket to compete for 1st and Runner Up on Sunday. 3rd place teams from each group will play against each other.

Way 2 - Each team will play every team in their division once. There will be no playoff. Master's tie breaker rules determine winners.

Way 3 - There will be 2 pools of 3. Each team plays a team in the OPPOSITE POOL (which would be common opponents). The top 2 teams in each pool will compete for championship. 2nd place pool teams would play and 3rd place pool teams would play.
We tend to favor Way 2 to avoid having to play 2 games a day.

Eight-Team Division Advancement

In a eight-team division, we may do it 1 of 2 ways depending on different factors.

Way 1 - In an eight-team division, there will be two 4-team groups. You play each team in your group once in preliminary play. The top 2 teams from each group play for championship (1st and Runner Up), the two 2nd place teams in each group play Sunday along with 3rd and 4th place teams in their respective groups.

Way 2 - We may, depending on scheduling, take the top 2 teams from each group and put in final four playoff for championship. The other 4 teams would have one more game scheduled against their respective seed. We tend to favor this way as it helps overcome any mistakes made in preliminary seeding for the divisions.

How does the Tie Breaker System work for advancing?
Quite often there will be ties in your bracket based on the win - loss records. In order to determine advancement, the following system will be used:

  • Record: Win - Loss Record: If teams are tied then we look at-
  • Head to Head: If two tied teams did not play each other or if all the teams in the bracket are tied, then we go to-
  • Points Scored: You can accumulate up to a total of (plus 15) or (minus 15) points per game based on the scores of each of your preliminary games. The points are totaled to arrive at a grand total. Example: (+8, -10, +12 = +10). The team with the highest point total advances. If teams are tied with points, we then look at-
  • Points Allowed in the Preliminary Games: The team with the least allowed points (best defensive effort) will advance.
  • Coin Flip: Higher seeded team makes the call.

Rarely will the tie breaker determination go beyond bullet 3 - Points
It is important for Team Organizers to track your point total throughout the weekend.

What are the uniform requirements?
Jerseys - Each team must have a light and a dark jersey for each player with regulation basketball numbers on either the front or back (both preferred). A reversible jersey is acceptable. All jerseys must be of the same color and style.

Shorts - Each team must wear shorts of the same color and style. For example if you select red shorts with a white stripe, all players must have red shorts with a white stripe. Experience shows that a solid color short; black, red, white, blue etc. is the easiest to manage.

Many teams are now coming with very nice uniforms with team and player names, having both a light set and a dark set. We do not currently enforce a uniform deposit but this may be a requirement in the future if teams don't look uniform. Wear your swag proud!

When is a player eligible to play?
Listing a player on your Game Roster, does not make him "Game Eligible". Players are required to complete the Online Player Registration paperwork before they are "Game Eligible" AND check in at the tournament office in order to be entered into the score book. Players will also be required to show proof of age.

Your players should be registered well in advance of game time. Players that are not registered prior to tip-off will have to wait until the beginning of the second half to play. Players registering after the second half has tipped off will not be allowed to play until the next game.

As a Team Organizer, it is your responsibility to have a minimum of five players, registered and ready to play each game at the scheduled time. We have scheduled games, so that even with an occasional overtime game, we are generally on schedule. PLAYERS MUST PLAY IN ONE GAME WITH THEIR TEAM IN THAT DIVISION TO PLAY IN THAT DIVISIONS CHAMPIONSHIP.

What is the game format?

Games are played as two 20 minute halves. The clock stops just like a normal game on TV as per basketball rules. There is a 30 second shot clock. It resets back to 30 seconds after change of possession. Overtime is played in 3 minute increments as needed to determine a winner. When score differentials are above 30 points, both team captains must agree to move to a running clock.

What happens if I forfeit a game?
Teams are required to play all games as scheduled. Forfeiting games in this tournament is not allowed! Each team is expected to bring a minimum of 8 players and to always to have 5 players on hand for every game. However, we strongly urge you to bring 10 players. It is a vigorous weekend of basketball and some injuries do occur, especially for our weekend warriors :-\

What level of official’s work this tournament?
Under the direction of the Director of Officials, Chris Kolaxis, the Tampa Bay Masters contracts only NCAA qualified and top-rated high school officials. TBM officials receive an orientation briefing conducted by the Director of Officials and tournament Staff prior to tournament play. At the orientation, officials are briefed regarding the unique nature of the tournament as a national masters event. The latest NCAA and FHSAA rules are discussed and any special interpretations of the NCAA rules as they may apply to this tournament are agreed to. This information is online under rules. We are quite confident that you will find the quality of our officials meets the very high standards of the tournament and that they will treat all of your games and players with the upmost of seriousness and respect. That same level of respect is also expected from you and your team. The TBM uses two-man crews for non-championship games and three-man crews for championship games. THE OFFICIALS TOP PRIORITY IS YOUR PHYSICAL SAFETY! You won't make every shot and they won't make every call. Have fun!

What Awards are presented?
Team Awards, awards are given to the Team Organizers or Coaches of first and runner up teams in each division. We provide awards for
10 roster spots. If you have more than 10 on your roster, you will have to wait until after all games are completed on Sunday to make sure we have items to give out.